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YTS movies has been one of the best sites to watch movies and TV shows online for free for a decade. And now, with the ad-free feature, it can beat all the old rivals to be your best choice for free movie streaming. If we lost you in the past, please kindly give it another shot to convince you why we are worth your bookmark. We have been working hard to improve our quality and update new features to provide you with the best service. No matter what you expect from a free movie site, we are confident you can find it here on YTS. Check us out and we guarantee you will not regret it! 
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List down all the expectations you have for a free movie site and you will realize how close we are to your idea of a perfect site. Free movies and TV shows? HD quality? Fast loading speed? No ads? Best customer service? We can provide you with them all! 

YTS torrent has been known for the huge collection of movies and TV shows torrent with tens of thousands of titles covering all genres and subgenres including Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, etc. No matter what mood strikes you today, you can always find interesting titles to watch on YTS. Grab your bottle of wine and snacks, chill out on your comfy couch and enjoy hours of free movies and TV shows with us! 

Watch Movies Online Free with No Ads
To many movie enthusiasts, watching movies and TV online can cause them headaches at times. Some have to save up for a subscription plan while others have to put their device and identity at risk in hopes of cutting costs. Free movie sites sound tempting, but most of them are shady and unsafe. Those sites are filled with ads, and for maximum revenue, they do not care much about users’ safety or streaming experience. But why compromise with those low-quality sites when you can have exclusive premium features at YTS at no cost? YTS offers its users HD quality and the ad-free feature without any payment, or even registration, needed. With no ads, pop ups, or commercials on the site, YTS poses no risk to your device and identity. You are completely free from data loss, identity theft, and corrupted networks on the site. Enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows without any worries because you deserve it!  

What is YTS? YTS meaning?
YTS is amongst the most popular piracy supergiants of movie leaking business thanks to its hefty amount of movies and a great interface. If YTS sounds alien to you, try YIFY Torrents instead. Our original website was shut down in 2015 and since then, many copies and mirrors have been created. However, all of them are fake and can easily be called out due to low quality content and features. [site_name] is currently the only official alternative to the original site and we now provide better quality with this comeback. YTS is now completely ad-free and we have added some new features to enhance your overall user experience as well. 

YTS stands for Yifi torrent Solutions or Yifi torrent Streaming. But with our 2021 technolofy, we do not use that Torrent technology anymore, now all the streaming are handled throught 3rd streaming links that we crawled from the internet. 

Is YTS the best movies streaming site comparing to 123Movies and other free streaming sites? 
123movies is a giant name that is hard to beat. 123movies is the most popular representative of the streaming industry in its prime with 98 million users at peak. Unfortunately, the site was shut down in 2018 and it faced the same problem as multiple fake copies with 123movies in their domain names came into existence. It is impossible to know which site is the real 123movies and which sites are created for scams only. As all of those sites are ad-supported, to avoid hassles and headaches, you should give them all a miss and choose YTS instead. 

Is It Illegal to Use YTS?
YTS is not considered a legal site and can be banned in several countries. However, streaming movies and TV shows online on YTS is not considered illegal either. According to copyright attorneys, only sharing or downloading pirated content can cause you troubles, such as criminal or civil charges. Therefore, stick with free online movie streaming only! 

Does YTS Have an App?
Currently there is no official YTS app. Therefore, you should stay away from any YTS app you come across. We are working to create one for your convenience and will keep you updated about it on the site! So stay tuned and stay safe! 

Is YTS safe?
With the newly-added ad-free feature, YTS can be named as the safest site to watch movies and TV shows online for free in 2021. If you have been familiar with streaming sites, you might already take ads for granted. Ads are the only source of income for most free sites; therefore, they are unavoidable. But you should switch to ad-free sites as soon as the option is available. With no ads and popups, these sites can pose no risk to your device and identity. Hackers can only install viruses and malware into your device through ads; therefore, when there are no ads, hackers could do nothing but look for another victim. YTS also does not require any registration or signup, meaning that your private information does not need revealing. With no information shared, there is also no risk of information leakage. To sum it up, using YTS is completely risk-free. And it is not the only benefit YTS has to offer, don’t forget other features that have contributed to YTS’s popularity for years: 
- Extensive content library with a hefty amount of free movies and TV shows.
- HD video quality in a small file size.
- Seamless streaming experience.
- Fast, private, and safe sources for streaming.
- Fast and daily updates. 
- Simple and intuitive UI and UX.
- Mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported.
- No registration or account needed.
- Excellent customer service.

YTS is a Free Movies streaming site with zero ads. We let you watch movies online without having to register or paying, with over 10000 movies and TV-Series. You can also Download full movies from MoviesCloud and watch it later if you want.